Ways to Turn Your Rooftop Area Into a Cosy and Functional Lounge

Do you live in an urban jungle? Do you wish to have an area at home where you can run to and be alone to relax? If you have a rooftop, you can turn this area into a Zen-inspired and cosy area you’ve been dreaming to have. All you need are some Velux roof windows, garden furniture, planters, and other outdoor materials you might like to have. These design insights might also help:



velux roof windows



  1. Determine what amenities you’d like to have in your rooftop.


Would you like to have a small kitchen in this area? Do you prefer to have a library? Or do you want to convert your rooftop into a workout area? Regardless of its function, be sure to equip it with Velux skylights Melbourne providers offer. With this material, you can still enjoy the benefits of having a roof while letting in natural light and air.


  1. Allocate an area for your garden.


Even if you don’t initially love gardening, having plants at home is proven to give some health benefits. Opt for plastic planters for their durability and portability. It’s also wise to have openable roof windows to let in natural light and air for your plants to grow. For your choice of plants, just have those low-maintenance evergreen plants to keep your garden fresh and colourful the entire year. Daphne, Box, Lavender, Camellia, and Mahonia are the best ones to start with. These plants can give your garden a mix of basic colours – yellow, pink, and green.


  1. Choose your garden furniture wisely.


Elegance is a great factor to consider when choosing garden furniture. But it’s also wise to focus more on the functionality and durability. If you opted to buy openable Velux roof windows, you’re also exposing your chairs, sofas, and benches to the sun, which could speed up their wear and tear. So it’s best to go for those made of more durable but light materials, such as fabricated steel and foldable recliners. Especially if you’d like to have a library here, opt for those space-saving and light shelves.


  1. Have some form of shelter.


The purpose of having a rooftop is for you to have a place to relax. And you can’t spend quality time here if you don’t have some form of shelter. Umbrellas and awnings are great ones to have. But if you want to have something more elegant and functional regardless of the weather, it’s ideal to have Velux flat roof skylight. Openable and made of glass, this material allows you to enjoy the sky, be for stargazing or rain-gazing.


With an elegant and cosy rooftop, you won’t have to spend money and time going to the nearest resort to unwind. By applying the tips above, you can turn your otherwise boring viewdeck into a place perfect for that much-needed alone-time or get-together with friends. What you need to do next is look for providers of the services and materials you need, such as Velux roof windows from Skylights-Online.