Quick Tips to Have a Cheap but Memorable Funeral for Your Loved One

Nobody ever likes the idea of talking about funerals, but sadly there comes a time when you have to deal with the death of a relative or a close friend. While grieving can be torturous, you still have to face the challenge of planning for the funeral including raising the money to cater for the costs. It is in such situations that you need the advice of a professional funeral director more than anything else. Funerals can be expensive, but when working with an expert such as the services provided by Perth Funerals directors, you can have a very memorable funeral on cheap.

Before anything else, it is important to note that planning a cheap funeral does not in any way mean you are avoiding extra costs to honor fully and appreciate your loved one.  There are many creative ways you can have a dignified send off with individual moments to express your love and appreciation.

With that in mind, here are quick ways you can save radically on funeral expenses whether you are planning your own or for a loved one:

1.    Compare Prices

The best way to find affordable funeral services is by shopping around and comparing costs from one funeral home to the other. Call different homes in you area and ask around for their general price list or funeral packages.

Regardless of whether you want a cremation or a traditional burial service, choose the home with affordable quotes and quality services.

2.    Opt for Direct Burial

Direct burials are among the least expensive options. With service, the funeral is conducted soon after death. Meaning, you get to save cost on body preservation or visitations.

3.    Consider Cremation

Cremations are fast gaining popularity worldwide and are among the most preferred funerals in Perth. With this option, you can save thousands of dollars in casket purchase and graveside service during the burial.

Another idea to save cost on when opting to cremate the body is by bringing the urn rather than buying from funeral homes or crematoriums. You can save a lot by shopping online at the different budget stores. However, if you intend in scattering the ashes, then the boxed package from your crematorium should work correctly.

4.       Purchase a Simple Casket

Alternatively, if you prefer the traditional way of laying the body on the ground, then you should consider accompanying your funeral planner who knows your budget and understands your needs.

Funeral directors know all the casket showrooms around, and they are aware of more affordable alternatives. Therefore, there is no doubt that you will help you in saving costs as well as choosing the right casket.

5.    Have the Funeral Service at Your Church

Most Perth funerals homes allow an in-house service for the burial but you will have to pay extra costs. Having the service at your local church will be a much cheaper option as most clergy members can officiate for free so all you can give is an honorarium of the amount you can afford.

In conclusion, the above tips on saving costs for funerals can work much more efficiently when working with a planner. Choose your funeral director wisely and always share all you needs and concerns. Consider working with HTTP://WWW.PERTHCREMATIONSWA.COM.AU/ for the best Perth funerals.