Prolong tractor life with these tractor maintenance tips

When you have a farm, a tractor is one piece of equipment that helps make working it easier. The farm tractors you have, like the ones you can find on, help work go faster. These tough and hardy machines can help you achieve more in your day.

As durable as these tractors are, you need to take care of them to prolong their life cycle. Maintenance will prevent deterioration and damage to these tractors.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your tractors in good shape:

  • Regular fluid checks are a must. You don’t measure the amount of work your tractor does by distance but by how long you use them. This means you can end up neglecting fluid checks because you don’t have a set mileage for when these should be done. To prevent problems that stem from fluids like your engine oil, transmission fluid, and the like, check all your tractor’s fluids at least once a month. Click here Hillside Tractors
  • Tire checks are also a must. Just like fluid checks, checking tires regularly should also be part of your routine. You don’t have mileage checks that will alert you to when tire checks must be done. This is why setting your monthly schedule for this will help you prevent tire problems in the future.
  • Check hoses and belts regularly. Another part of your vehicle that needs to be put on a check schedule is the belt. Hoses should also be included in this list. These can deteriorate over time and are often neglected by many. Hose blockages and dried out belts are some of the problems tractor owners experience when checking is not done regularly.
  • Protect your vehicle when not in use. Always keep your tractor in a shed or covered if these are not in use. Exposing these to the elements will only cause it to deteriorate faster. Rain and sunlight can hurt parts of your vehicle if you leave it outside for long periods without a cover. If you want your tractors to look as good as the ones on, proper care is a must.
  • Always follow specified use of your tractor. One fault some tractor owners have is misusing their vehicles. One example of this is overloading. These tractors have a set load limit for a reason. If you overload your vehicles, you end up straining the engine.
  • Keep your tractor clean. After each use, make sure to clean your tractor. Hose down areas caked in mud and remove any debris that is stuck in any of its parts. Keeping your tractor clean will help prevent damage from such debris and will help you see any problems your tractor has at a glance.
  • Don’t wait for things to worsen before doing repairs. If you notice something needs fixing on your tractor, no matter how small, fix it immediately. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate before doing anything about it.

Whether you get a new tractor from or already have one at your farm, always remember that proper maintenance is the key to keeping them running at optimal levels.