How to Find the Right LDV Vehicle for Your Specific Needs

One of the most trusted names in cargo and passenger vans in Europe is LDV, which is a premier manufacturer of panel vans, minibuses, pickups, and more. LDV, which is an acronym of Leyland DAF Vans, is now called LDV Group Limited. They’re a division of Shanghai Automobile and Industrial Corporation or SAIC. The company produces a lot of quality vehicles perfect for heavy duty needs. Therefore, if you are looking for vans for sale in Brisbane, choosing an LDV van should be your first consideration.
There are many brands of vans for sale in Brisbane; however, if you are using your van for commercial purposes, you might want to look at the LDV vans Australia dealers are selling. There are many for you to choose from, each one with the kind of features that will fit your specific needs. There are options for transporting large groups of people around and options for delivery needs.
Here are your choices:
  • V80 Van – For delivery purposes, this is one of the new LDV vans that you will love. Not only does it have the design for carrying large loads but it is also comfortable and economical. It comes with a 2.5-litre diesel engine and smart features that make those long-distance deliveries comfortable, such as the cruise control and car-like handling. It also has a rear barn door and two sliding doors that help to load and unloading easy.
  • G10 Van – Another LDV van specifically made for delivery needs is this roomy van that comes with two sliding doors and a tailgate-style rear door. This vehicle comes in diesel and petrol options, and in three distinct colours, white, silver, and black. This van, when compared with others in its class, is considered the most cost-effective choice and the roomiest of them all.
  • G10 People Mover – If you are not transporting goods but rather people, the G10 has a couple of options that you can choose from, and this is one of them. This LDV car is called the People Mover and for a good reason. It can comfortably seat 7 to 9 people, depending on the type. It also comes with Italian styling, a powerful engine, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and a 6-speaker entertainment system. It is made to transport groups of people in comfort, which makes it a great choice for hotels, schools, and other institutions that need vehicles that can carry upwards of 7 people at a time.
  • V80 Bus – While the name indicates it is a bus, this vehicle is actually a van-sized conveyance that has a lot of features that you will find in a bus but in a more compact form. The V80 Bus is designed to accommodate up to 11 people comfortably if you were to choose the short wheelbase version, and up to 14 people if your ride is the long wheelbase version. This also comes with cruise control, rear parking sensors, side sliding doors, and even an electric step to help passengers embark and disembark easily.
These are just a few of the van options you have when you are looking for vans for sale in Brisbane. If you want to learn more about LDV vehicles that are ideal for your needs, you should get in touch with the experts at Brisbane City LDV. Contact them via or email them for more information. They will be more than happy to help you find the van that is perfect for your specific needs.