Guide to Buying the Best Organic Pork from Wales

pork from wales provides a great source for lots of nourishing nutrients such as riboflavin, vitamin B6, potassium, zinc, thiamin and niacin amongst many others. Many of today’s Welsh pork producers breed their pork to be lean thus making the welsh pork one of the healthiest menu choices that you can find. It is especially healthier if the pork is organic where the animals have been bred in natural settings and fed an organic diet with zero to no chemicals. That really makes it an excellent choice for humans. Many Welsh producers are now going the organic way in order to offer consumers the healthiest lean cuts from animals which have been reared in ethical and healthier conditions.

pork from wales

Because the organic welsh pork is quite lean, it might be trickier to cook. If overcooked, it is likely to dry out so it is important that it is cooked at just the right temperature. The meat should also be left to rest a bit before it is served.

Where can I buy organic pork?

There are various guidelines that you can follow in order to choose the healthiest Welsh pork from the supermarkets. If you are grappling with the question “where can I buy Welsh pork”, here are some simple shopping tips that will help choose the leanest cuts of pork from Wales:

Choose organic

When you are shopping for pork from Wales, ensure that you are buying organic pork. It must be labeled so which means it must have gone through a certification process that ensures the Welsh producers complied with all the regulations including lots of spaces, a free range environment, little to no chemicals, no antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and no GMO-based feed products.

When it comes to the actual product in the supermarket shelves, choose pork that is cherry red in color or light red. Never go for the white or pale pork. Ensure the pork has no dark spots and that the fat on the meat is white and creamy. See Porc.Wales

Fresh organic pork generally does not have any odors. Some of the best tasting lean pork are generally those that have been marbled with some specks of fat in between the lean meat. These are qualities that you will very much find in the organic pork.

If the pork appears pale and is in the package of some liquid, avoid it.  That is most likely an indicator that the animal was mishandled during the processing. When you push such pork, it is unlikely to spring back and when cooked, a lot of juices are going to continue flowing out. Such pork will be tasteless  and dry even when it is well cooked.

Another thing that you should watch out when buying pork in the supermarkets is “enhanced” pork. Some manufacturers sell pork that has been injected with water solutions, phosphates and salts in order to prevent it from drying too quickly when it is cooked. The composition of water in the enhanced pork is likely to be in the region of 8-10% and such pork will have a bitter or acrid taste as well as a soft and rubbery texture when it is cooked.

In order to avoid having to deal with this, it is best to buy organic pork from Wales that is natural as possible and is sweet tasting when cooked. Make sure you read the labels in order to ensure that the pork is organic and comes from certified farms.