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What to consider before purchasing a used refrigerator

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Acquiring a used refrigerator may be advantageous since you will spend less than you would have if you were to buy a new one. You may decide to purchase it from an individual or from a used appliance store. However, if you only need the fridge for a short duration if time, you can opt for fridge hire Sydney from an Australian refrigeration company. For instance, Cold Display Solutions offers fridge hire Sydney. The fridges that the company offers are less than two years old, therefore they are still efficient in their operations. In addition, the company not only offers fridge hire Sydney, but to all other parts of Australia.

However, before acquiring a used appliance, you need to consider the following factors.

Avoid refrigerators that are too old

A fridge that is over ten years old might be inefficient in its operations. In addition, its running costs might be very high compared to those of a new fridge since the old model will use more energy. Inspect the condenser coils that are located at the bottom or behind the appliance. If they are damaged or too dirty, it is a sign that the previous owner was not keen in maintaining it. You may need the advice of an expert in assessing the appliance since this is an indication that the motor might have been strained and might not function properly. In case you want to hire, get your fridge from a renowned company like the Cold Display Solutions, which offers fridge rental Sydney, that are only two years old.

Measure your space

Before visiting a store that offers used fridge for sale, ensure that you have measured the space where you intend to install the appliance. This is because, once you buy the used fridge, you might not be able to return it for replacement. Therefore, it is critical to have the length, width and depth measurements of your available space. Moreover, note the direction that the fridge doors open. This is to ensure that, it swings in the correct direction for your kitchen. In case the direction is wrong, ascertain whether the door can be reversed and be fixed to fit your kitchen.

Shelves, drawers and racks

Ensure that all parts are intact and can easily be removed for cleaning. In case they are missing, establish whether the replacement parts can be located easily in the market. If the used fridge is appealing to you and its parts are available in the market then it means that maintaining the appliance is possible. In the same wavelength, ensure that the control switch and light knobs are functioning properly. The fridge and freezers doors should have a correct seal so as not allow any leakage of air. This can be tested by placing a polythene paper between the door and the fridge. There should be some resistance when removing it if the seal is proper. However, if the paper can be removed easily, it’s a sign that the appliance hinges need to be adjusted.

Ask for a demonstration and warranty

It is advisable to ask the seller to show you how the appliance works since trying it on your own might be risky, more so if you are buying it from an individual. Connect it to a power source to ensure that it cools properly. The freezer should be 0 degrees while the refrigerator should be between 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you get it from a Sydney refrigeration hire company, ask for a three months warranty on the used appliance.

7 Tips to Baking the Perfect Cupcake

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Cupcakes are considered as the trendiest desserts and perfect party treats. In fact, it is such a versatile dessert that you can find it from casual gatherings to the most luxurious dessert buffet tables. If you want to make your own cupcakes at home, you must be devoted to practice your craft. Baking cupcakes is not as easy as it seems. Hence, most would go to the nearest cupcakes Sydney bakeries to enjoy their treat.

If you are keen to learn more about how to bake the perfect cupcake, here are seven tips to keep in mind.

Get the right ingredients. The key to baking the perfect cupcake starts even before you start baking. Using quality and fresh ingredients is very important. The best cupcakes Sydney bakeries use only the best ingredients to create the best results.

Take note of measurements. Baking is not similar to cooking wherein you can make adjustments to seasoning. With baking, you have to be precise about your measurements. A little too much flour or sugar can ruin your dessert. Make sure you follow the instructions precisely and thoroughly.

Use room temperature ingredients. Are you guilty of adding in ingredients fresh from the refrigerator? You need to break this habit when baking, especially cupcakes. All ingredients must be of equal temperature so they blend easily together.

Pour the batter evenly. If you want to get even sized cupcakes, you cannot simply use your free hand. The good old method of an ice cream scoop is the best method to achieve the right size of cupcake. Consistency is important if you want to get the sizes, not just the taste, right.

Take note of cooking time. The pan you are using and the recipe can both impact the length of time it takes to finish baking a cupcake. You should take note of the temperature setting in the oven, too. If you leave it on just a minute longer, it can make your cupcakes dry. But if you take them out a minute early, you could risk serving raw cupcakes.

Wait for it to cool. Do not get too excited to do a taste test on your cupcakes as soon as you take them out of the oven. Let the cupcakes sit for a few minutes. Only when the cupcakes are completely cool that you should cover them or transfer them to a different container.

Add frosting. The frosting is that final fun touch to your cupcake. Make sure to use the right frosting recipe for your cupcake. The frosting is designed to balance the flavor of the cupcake, not overshadow it.

Are you frustrated about your own baking skills? Waste no time and effort in making them – go to Vanilla Cupcakery, the best cupcakes Sydney bakery. The bakery is offering gourmet cupcakes made from the finest ingredients that are guaranteed to satisfy with every bite. For those who cannot visit their bakery in Sydney, they are also currently offering delivery services too!

Equipment in Australia and New Zealand

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Your catering business is as good as the employees you hire, as well as the equipment at your disposal. Whether yours is a restaurant or a business offering outside catering services, you need to have reliable and robust equipment to meet your customers’ needs. This is why Food Equipment Distributors imports high-quality catering equipment for food businesses intent on providing exceptional services to their customers. This company is based in Australia and New Zealand, which has a history of more than four decades in supplying businesses with commercial catering equipment.

catering equipment

Some considerations to make when choosing catering equipment and supplies:

FED sells a wide range of catering equipment. From refrigeration and kitchen equipment to tableware and baking supplies, you can count on this company to provide you with the catering aides that meet your specific needs.

You will be more satisfied with the purchased equipment when you observe these following considerations:

  1. The amount of space you have in your premises.

You need to choose an equipment that will not take up all of your space or difficult to transport when providing outside catering services. At the same time, you have to bear in mind your customer base. A single-door refrigerator may not hold lots of perishable products, but it will be easier for you to transport where your catering services are needed.

  1. The budget that you are operating on.

While you may feel that it is necessary to buy the best catering supplies on offer, you need to make a balanced budgetary plan. Get the most basic equipment first by taking care of cookware and refrigeration needs, as well as shelves and tableware. Be sure to cater as many aspects in your restaurant business as possible because this will influence the service given to your customers.

  1. Durability of the commercial catering equipment purchased.

Do not be blinded by low costs to choose less than good quality equipment as this might make you incur more costs in the future. The steel products imported and supplied by FED throughout Australia and New Zealand have a remarkable lifespan. Poor quality products might also break down in the middle of your business, which will leave you dissatisfied clients.

  1. Look out for a warranty.

A reasonable warranty can be considered as proof of good quality equipment. When you buy such equipment, always be sure to read the terms of purchase that it comes with as these can be needed in case of manufacturing faults.

FED has a strong network of customer support for clients in these two countries where it operates and you will receive prompt assistance in case this is necessary.

  1. Easily operable equipment.

To increase the efficiency of your business, you need an equipment that allows for easy control. Digitally-operated equipment comes in handy in this regard. FED distributes a wide variety of catering equipment, so you can easily choose one that your employees will find easy to operate.

FED has many showrooms throughout New Zealand and Australia, where you can sample the equipment that is suitable for your business. Go to to get more information on the location of these showrooms if you are interested in purchasing a commercial catering equipment.