Common symptoms of a problematic car air conditioning system

Many car owners worry about their air conditioning (AC) system. Even the fabulous Mitsubishi ASX faces AC system problems every now and then. But reliable service Mitsubishi ASX centres say such problems often result from lack of proper care. And, some results from ignoring early symptoms too.

An AC system produces unusual symptoms when it acquires a specific problem. When the car owner doesn’t do something about it immediately, simple maintenance can’t solve it anymore. Irreparable problems may even require them to replace the AC system.

How to know if your car’s air conditioning system has problems

You should check your AC system immediately when you notice these symptoms. You can also go to a reliable Mitsubishi services centre for professional diagnostics.

Your AC system doesn’t cool the cabin

This is definitely the most obvious symptom. You know your AC system has problems when it can’t cool your Mitsubishi ASX anymore. This probably stems from a damaged condenser or compressor.

Refrigerant or coolant leak is another possible culprit. A low amount of freon makes your AC system blow out warm air. You need to hire service Mitsubishi ASX expert to fix such damage.

Your cabin accumulates too much moisture

Condensation occurs when warm moist air gets in contact with anything cold in your car. For example, when your exhaled breath touches the cold glass beside you, condensation will form on the window.

Too much condensation tells that your AC system fails to vent out warm moist air from the cabin. That’s a possible problem with its evaporator.

Your AC system produces unusual sound

Certain AC system problems can cause it to produce unusual or excessive noise. This could be a physical damage with its compressor or other parts. Contaminated refrigerant can cause it as well.

If you have a Mitsubishi Pajero, you should hire a Pajero service expert to help you out. They can diagnose the exact cause of the noise, thus addressing the problem properly.

Your AC system emits unusual smell

Some AC system problems cause it to emit strange smell. And, specific kinds of smell means certain problem to address as well.

One of the most common smell is caused by bacteria and mould growing in your evaporator. These microorganism build-ups cause mildew smell in your cabin. You can solve it by applying anti-bacterial solution into your AC case.

Some leaks somewhere in your Mitsubishi ASX AC system can cause certain smell as well. For example, coolant leakage causes sweet smell from your AC system. Moreover, gas odour means there’s possibly a leak in your engine. And, these smell means you should seek help from service Mitsubishi ASX experts immediately.

Finally, be sure to clean your AC filter regularly. Dirt, dust, water and other particles accumulates on it naturally. And these stuff can cause your AC system to emit foul odour.

These are a few of the most common symptoms of a problematic car AC system. You can address some issues on your own. But, professional checks and service are necessary for serious problems.

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